Welcome Minecraft fan!

You manage the server, the hardware and do marketing to make your server big.

Add minigames to your server, improve performance, advertise on social media, on server lists or host your own events.

How you make your server successful is up to you.

Can you build the ultimate Minecraft server?

By the way, our game has no in-game purchases, so it's 100% Free 2 Play and fair!

Progress reach & players: ...%
Progress unlocking upgrades: ...%


finance $ <<-- Reach
employ $ -->> Players
Profit: ... $ / sec
... $ / click


investing $ <<-- Players
bore Players -->> Reach
... Players
Influence: ... players / sec
... players / click


inviting Players <<-- Reach
donations Reach -->> $
... Reach
Reach: ... reach / sec
... reach / click

This game is made up of three different sectors - Server, Hardware and Marketing. Each sectors has a different currency: Server has Money, Hardware has Players, and Marketing has Reach.

Each sector has it's own funds and it's own specialty. Server's job is generating money; Hardware can generate Players and Marketing generate Reach.

To play this game you will utilize three main features: Clicking, Buying upgrades, and Transfers. Click one of the sector icons to generate money.
Once you have enough money, buy an upgrade by clicking the button. Upgrades automatically generate money, gather players, or produce reach.
For better overall progress, it can be useful to trade Money, Players, and Reach. To do this, click on one of the arrows.
To win you will need to unlock all upgrades and get billions of players and reach. Your progress will be shown on this bar. Good luck in your journey to create the world's largest Minecraft server!

Congratulations, your Minecraft server is the biggest, most popular and the greatest in the world!